Lan Ha Bay

Regal Cruise
The Genesis Regal Cruise, new 5 star vessels on the bay with ultimate luxurious facilities. Be designed by traditional features, mixing with the luxury of neoclassic concept and inspired by the royal elegance of the French-Indochine style. All rooms have balconies, bathtubs, full-frame windows… along with detailed utilities and traditional meticulous decoration.
From: USD 227 per person
V' Spirit Premier Cruises
The eternal grandeur of Vietnam’s Halong Bay unfurls from the wooden decks of the V’Spirit Premier Cruise, where every corner turned is a new angle on the purest artwork. We are a new luxury cruise in Halong Bay a poetic marriage of tradition and environment in the northeastern corner of our Vietnamese homeland. Built of the finest materials countrywide, The V’Spirit Premier Cruise is the essence of Vietnam, embodied in burnished wood and billowing sails, manifested by a cruise as steeped in tradition as it is in innovation.

In Halong Bay, the V’Spirit Premier Cruise takes the route less travelled, bestowing to you a chance to step back in time and see the bay before the dawn of tourism. We find this in Lan Ha Bay, the southern section of Halong Bay and an indistinguishable limestone copy of its more famous neighbour. Here, the voice of the wild speaks louder than the roar of the engine, where statuesque mountains, evocative caverns and jungle-clad islands comprise nature’s silent masterpiece.

The V’Spirit Premier Cruise is a luxury Halong Bay cruise through Heaven on Earth. Explore more with us today.
From: USD 194 per person
Perla Dawn Sails (Most Recommended!)
A modern ship combined with Vietnamese design concept, the Perla Dawn Sails is a work of art defining luxury cruise experience in Lan Ha Bay

We welcome you on our cruise to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Lan Ha Bay while experience luxury cruise service on a traditional ship, showing numerous features of Vietnamese culture. While other boats feed on modern and sophisticated designs and styles, Perla Dawn still maintains the original traditional styled designs with wooden specifics, which makes us like no other.
From: USD 241 per person